Frequently Asked Questions

1How do I clean the Infinity Mat and the Splatter Catcher?
They are both 100% dishwasher safe. Alternatively wash by hand in warm soapy water.
2Can the Splatter Catcher and Infinity Mat be used in the oven?
Yes but ensure the temperature is below 230 celsius. Oil from splatter may harden in the oven making the splatter catcher harder to clean.
3What is your returns policy?
If you are not satisfied we accept returns within 15 days of purchase.
4Will the splatter catcher melt?
Your food will burn before the splatter catcher as most fats and oils burning temperature is below that of the splatter catcher. However do avoid exposing to a naked flame as this can cause damage to the silicone. The silicone is not flammable.
5What is the Infinity Mat and the Splatter Catcher made from?
Both are made form 100% food grade silicone. They are also both BPA free and 100% safe.

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